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    We Specialize In Window Tinting Here At Precisecuts. We Are A 5-Star Business Both In Quality Window Tint and Quality Service WIth Over Thousands Of Vehicles Tinted; Every Make & Model! We Service All South Florida From Florida City Up To Ft.Lauderdale. We Come To You At The Comfort Of Your Home Or During Work Hours. With 12 Years Experience We Guarantee Professional Install & Quick 45 Min Service.

  • LEXEN Auto Window Tinting Services

    Same Day Service In Miami, Doral, Kendall, North Miami, Coral Gables, Homestead, Etc. Under 45 Min Service & Perfect Install. We Provide The Mobile Service To You At No Extra Cost! We Computer Cut All Our Films To Get The Best Cuts For Your Vehicle, Reducing Risk Of Scratching Any Glass or Paint and Avoiding To Cut Rubbers That Hold The Glass. With Competitive Prices And Best Quality, We Are Not The Cheapest, But We Guarantee Professional Quality At Its Best!

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    Mobile Window Tinting Services


    LEXEN Window Film



    Open From 8AM

    Mobile Window Tinting Service in Miami, Doral, Kendall, North Miami, Etc.

    LEXEN Carbon Premium

    Blocks 99% UV Rays

    40% Heat Rejection

    Carbon Film* (Non Metalized)

    2 Ply Film

    Lifetime Warranty


    LEXEN Ceramic

    Blocks 99% UV Rays

    60% Heat Rejection

    80% Infrared (IR) Rejection*

    Color Stable Film (Non Metalized)

    2 Ply Film

    Scratch Resistant

    Lifetime Warranty


    LEXEN Ultra Ceramic

    Blocks 99.9% UV Rays

    95% Infrared Protection**

    65% Heat Rejection

    Ceramic Nano Tech (Non Metalized)

    Multi-Layer Film

    2x More Scratch Resistant

    Prevents Glass Shatter Hazard**

    Lifetime Warranty


    Ceramic Windshield Heat Barrier

    Blocks 99.9% UV Rays

    55% Heat Rejection

    75-80% Infrared Heat Rejection

    Ceramic Nano Tech (Non Metalized)

    Maintains Original Appearance

    Lifetime Warranty


  • Crystalline Clear 90% on Hellcat

    Ceramic Windshield Heat Barriers

    Our Clearshield Line include: XPEL XR (Nano Carbon), XPEL XR PLUS (Ceramic Coating). Take down that annoying windshield shade you constantly need to put on every time you get out your car. Instead invest in a more effective and permanent solution. Windshield heat barrier films have many benefits for the driver and their vehicles:

    • Protects 99.9% of Harmful UV rays
    • Ceramic reduces 97% of Infrared rays
    • 40% Glare Reduction
    • 100% Visibility, NO interference with your vision
    • Legal in all states
    • Prevents your dash/leather/interior from any damage/cracks/discoloration
    • Protects your skin from developing cancer
    • Allows A/C to cool in seconds

    Factory tints in the rear got Crystalline 70% to maintain same appearance

    SUV "Factory Tints"

    If you have purchased or own an SUV you may have been accustomed to just tint the 2 front doors only. But, what most dealerships may not be telling you is that the rest of the car may look darkened but has no UV protection or heat reduction. Factory tints are dipped or color glasses that provide a sense of privacy but no other function whatsoever. Therefore, at PreciseCuts we encourage customers to place film in the rest of your SUV vehicle.


    We understand the majority of customers want to maintain legal limits in the autos, this is why our clearshield films will provide the UV protection and heat reduction you will need without changing the appearance of your car.


    If you have children/newborns or any other passengers continually in your daily drive, this is a MUST. Just a you may feel the scorching sun burning your skin so must others behind you. Stay protected with our CLEARSHIELD line.

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    Skin Cancer Foundation

    Window Film has been approved by the SCF since the 1990's. Alerting everyone who can be affected by the harmful UV rays to take precautions needed.


    Ultraviolet radiation can travel through car and home windows, where it can contribute to the daily accumulation of sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer and photo aging. UV-blocking films can not only protect you against this exposure, but can offer other benefits as well. Research showed that drivers with left-hand drive developed more skin damage on the left side of their bodies, while those with right-hand drive developed more damage on the right. Windshields being the largest glass that faces you the whole time you drive are considered the most damaging to the body.


    All of our products including the clearshield line are approved 100% by the SCF, in order to provide overall protection be it at your home, business, or in your vehicle.

  • Window Tint Gallery

    In Order To Compete In The Window Tinting Industry, Every Vehicle Is Handled As If It Were Our Own. With Special Care And Technique We Achieve The Perfect Install To Satisfy Our Customers. Mobile Window Tinting In Miami Produces An Elite Class Of Vehicles, Those Of Which Make Up Our Gallery.



    Call/Text Open From 8AM

    Same Day Service

    XPEL Miami Window Tinting, Doral Window Tinting, Kendall Window Tinting, Coral Gables Window Tinting, North Miami Window Tinting

    We Come To You!

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    BMW M4: Ceramic 35% Sides and Rear Windows,Suntek CXP 80% Windshield

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    Jaguar XJL: Carbon Series 15%

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    Ford Mustang Shelby: Custom Stripes, Bumper to Bumper

    Initially came for tints and ended up adding stripes 3M gloss black

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    Commercial Tinting @ Miami Beach: Suntek Frost White

    Privacy and Decorative Film
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    Alfa Romeo: Suntek CXP 5%

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    Audi Mobile Service @ The Grove: Ceramic 20%, Suntek CIR 70% Front Windshield

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    Mercedes GLC 300: Ceramic Series 40% & 70% Entire Car Including Windshield

    97% Infrared Heat Reduction & 99% UV ray reduction*

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    Porsche Targa: Mobile Service Suntek CIR 20%

    Very difficult back window (one piece). Exclusive service to their home in Miami Beach

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    Ferrari: Ceramic Series 20% Mobile Service

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    Tesla Model S: Ceramic 20%

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    Commercial 10ft×4ft: 90% Clear Protection

    Without changing the appearance of their home, 90% is the clearest film in the market protecting 99% UV, Infrared 90%, and 40% heat reduction.

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    Custom Graphic Design Mustang

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    Mercedes S550: Ceramic 40%

    Mobile service anywhere in Miami, no excuse we come to you*

  • Q&A

    With the years of expertise, we still don't have every answer to every question; but we do provide the most frequently ones asked. Others that are not so frequent are welcomed. Please we will be glad to clear any doubt or questions you may have. Thank you.

    Q: How long before I can roll down my windows?

    A: DO NOT ROLL any window for 3-4 days, curing time for film is necessary so that the film won't peel in time.

    Q: Is it normal to see humidity or clear water bubbles in the windows?

    A: Its normal to see humidity in the film in the curing process the first 3-4 days. Any bubble afterwards may or will need to be replaced backed by our warranty.

    Q: Is it safe to wash the car after installing window tints?

    A: You can wash your car right after due to the installation being on the inside of the glass; but we recommend to wash the car after the curing process as a precaution.

    Q: I have windows that go up and down every time they open and close, will this affect the film?

    A: Any experienced installer knows that all frame-less doors are to be locked during installation in order for the application process. After the film has been applied we heat up the windows on the bottom where they will be rolling up and down in order for the adhesive to activate and allow the windows to return to their normal function without lifting up the film. Make sure you choose films that have great adhesive that can take the pressure of these types of windows. 

    Q: My windshield still looks blurring after 3-4 days is that normal?

    A: Yes it's normal. Windshield are usually thicker material films that take longer curing process. Windshields take about 7 days to settle in to the glass in order to appear as if it were not there. Give it time to dry up well more than the side windows and the rear window it needs more days. We suggest to leave the car out in the sun facing the windshield to quicken the healing process.

    Q: Can I clean my windows with Windex after?

    A: ONLY use AMMONIA FREE cleaning products on window film. Any cleaner that contains ammonia will DISCOLOR the film**

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